Don't pull your hair out, we're here to help!
Are you a designer who likes to stick to the designing, and leave the coding to someone else? Then we are here to help you!

Existing customers troubleshooting

If you are an existing customer who hosts their website with us, then we can often provide troubleshooting for your website problems free of charge. Just contact us for help with any problem you are having on your site.

3rd party troubleshooting

Is your current hosting company or web designer not giving you the fast response you are looking for? We are also happy to look at problems on websites hosted on servers other than our own. This is great if you have a website designer who you have lost touch with. We can help you get the access details for your website and then help you do any updates or fixes that may be required.

Adding the extra zing for designers!

Designers have enough to worry about without having to learn about HTML, coding, server permissions and the other technical aspects of publishing a website. We can help you with any of these problems, and also add forms, forums, polls, galleries and much more to your site. Our charges are very competitive, and we can deal direct with you, or if you want with your client.

Speedy and friendly service

We understand that when you have a problem, you want it fixed as soon as possible. We endeavour to solve all problems as soon as humanly possible (unfortunately we do need sleep occasionally!). We can even explain how we fixed it, so that you can learn for the future.