Getting results from your website...
We offer solutions for all budgets, from working with your own SEO company to providing a full-service solution.

Search Engine Optimisation

The most important aspect of your website is its ability to be seen by search engines. Without your website being optimised, search engines like Google may only be getting half the picture.

SEO is best done when a website is being initially designed, although you can obviously apply the principles on an existing site with equal success (if not a little more work for the designer!). 'Optimising' is the process of ensuring you have the correct words in the headers, body text, URLs and hidden tags of your website. Without these crucial elements, search engines won't be able to correctly 'index' your site and serve it up when someone searches for it.

Once your site is search engine friendly, then you can start thinking about off-site promotion like backlinks and advertising.

eCommerce Solutions

Whether you are looking to improve your current shopping site, or starting from scratch, we can advise on the best software solution.

We specialise in Magento solutions, but are also happy to develop shopping sites in osCommerce. We have also developed 100% custom solutions for clients looking for something a little more tailored to their business needs.

Whenever we develop shopping sites, we like to visit your premises and discuss your needs. It is crucial to us to understand your business, and also your expectations for the future.

Bespoke websites

No two websites are the same. At Domain Devils we do not use any design templates, so you can be sure your site is original. We have a large team of designers, specialising in many areas, so we can tailor your website specifically to your industry.

But there's much more to websites than the way they look. We are also experts in backend programming, so we can provide a solution for almost any problem - whether it be a simply gallery system or a full-blown online quoting system.