Whatever your needs, from a fully dedicated server to a single email account, we have a solution.
On the right are just a few examples of the range of bespoke hosting solutions we offer. The very nature of bespoke hosting is its endless possibilities, so if you're unsure of your hosting requirements, please contact us for honest and impartial advice.

The right server in the right location

Unix, Linux or Windows hosting. UK or US datacentres. Just let us know your needs and we will give you the fastest hosting package.

Reliable Backup services

All our hosting packages include daily backups. All backups are stored offsite. We do not charge for retrievals (within reason), and will get you back on track again ASAP. We also provide custom backup services for clients requiring extra security beyond our standard service.
Scenario 1
Scenario 1   "We love your email services!"
A customer loves our email services, but their web designers insist on hosting their website elsewhere. No problem, we came up with an email-only package tailored specifically for them. They get the benefit of our great spam-filtering and virus-scanning AND keep their web designers happy!
Scenario 1
Scenario 2   "My clients are in the USA"
We moved a client's website from a Windows server in the UK to a Unix server in our New Jersey facility giving them the platform they wanted and their customers (mainly American) a better website experience. They had no downtime and their 15 email accounts, on a Windows server in the UK, remained untouched.
Scenario 1
Scenario 3   "I need help with my server!"
A customer was looking to expand their range of hosting with us, and we concluded they would be better served with a dedicated server all to themselves. They had no technical experience of running their own server, so we set it up, moved over their existing sites, and now fully-manage the server for them.