2011 is our Year of the Backup!

With so many options now available, there's no excuse not to have your data backed up. We are happy to announce two new services to ensure you never lose your crucial data again!

Remote Backup

This great solution allows you to backup your machine to our cloud storage system. Simply choose what to backup and when, and everything works in the background. And when you need to restore an old file, it's just a few clicks away. This is the perfect remote solution to ensure against data loss from fire, theft and hardware failure.
Click here for more information about Remote Backup.

Email Archiving

Imagine being able to store all the incoming and outgoing emails for your company, all in one place for easy retrieval months later...
Well now it's possible with our new Email Archiving system which is included with all hosting accounts. It's the ideal insurance against accidental or deliberate deletion of sensitive company emails.
Click here for more information about Email Archiving.

This story was last updated: 23/02/11

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