Are your passwords really that tough to guess?

Is your password really secure? We have noticed over the years that many customers are setting up their email with very simple passwords. In some cases, clients are just using their forename (which we have since prevented on all our servers!).

A common form of password cracking is a Dictionary Attack. This basically means a hacker runs through every word in the dictionary to guess at your password. They even replace some vowels with numbers, just as you may have done (eg: p4ssw0rd). We encourage all customers to include non-alphanumeric characters in their passwords, like %&$*!. Put a couple of those in as well as numbers and letters, and it will be very difficult to crack. Also, those on cPanel servers should use the built-in password generator to create a password for you.

It is much better to have a complex password and forget it occasionally (you can always reset your password), than to have a simple one that gets hacked just once.

Bear in mind that all email programs and web browsers can now save your passwords, so you need only enter them once and forget about them.

This story was last updated: 12/02/10

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